The Folly Soap Co strives to ensure all packaging is...

  • Made with recycled materials
  • Is Recyclable or Compostable (Such as Eco Cellophane - often confused for plastic)
  • Or it must be reusable & then recyclable (such as the tins for soaps and lip balms)

If when you receive your products from us you find some plastic bubble wrap, this will have been salvaged and reused, and is its also likely to be the new compostable type of plastic.

The outer box your package comes in may also have been reused. For the sake of the environment, where possible we will always reuse existing packaging first, and only use virgin packaging as a last resort. So if you get well taped preloved outer box first... consider yourself one of my super eco friendly customers!

If you could continue to reuse it that would make us even more happy.